ISINNOVA is an Italian leading research and consultancy firm in the EU supporting policy makers in the formulation, monitoring and evaluation of energy, transport and environmental policies.


Cambridge Econometrics is a UK consultancy and research firm. It has extensive experience in the quantification of the benefits of energy efficiency and in the application of such techniques to policy assessments.


MCRIT is a Spanish firm specialized in the development of advanced decision support systems and planning methods, including information, forecasting and policy assessment models


The Center for the Study of Democracy is a European public policy think tank based in Bulgaria, specialized on energy governance processes and socio-economic theory.

The Jacques Delors Institute is a European think tank based in France that counts on a wide and high-level network of policy representatives and experts throughout Europe.

B.A.U.M. Consult GmbH is a German consulting and knowledge management company that counts on a vast network of firms and organizations in Germany and abroad

The European Environmental Bureau is an umbrella organisation that brings together 160 civil society organisations from more than 35 European countries.

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