All REFEREE’s publications will be available on this page once they are published. You can find below the list of upcoming publications.

Background analysis and setting of the reference framework

  • The state of art of the existing models and tools to support policy makers in the analysis of the real effects of the energy efficiency measures (D2.2)
  • Results from the scoping analysis (D2.3)
  • REFEREE policy system’s design (D2.4)

Foreground analysis

  • Technology diffusion model development schematics (D3.1)
  • Multiple benefits calculation methodology (D3.2)
  • Scenario analysis (D3.3)
  • Technology diffusion model code and multiple benefit indicator code (D3.4)

Simplified tool

  • Offline REFEREE system (D4.1)
  • Online REFEREE system (D4.2)
  • REFEREE Documentation and tutorial (D4.3)
  • REFEREE Maintenance protocol (D4.4)

Policy tools testing and user engagement

  • Report on feedback and recommendations from policy consultations based (D5.1)
  • Report on pilot use-cases and need assessment for implementing the REFEREE policy-support system and tools (D5.2)
  • Guidebook with best practices of integrated approaches towards energy- and non-energy impacts (D5.3)

Raising awareness of energy efficiency co-benefits and of the tool

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