Supporting regional and local energy efficiency action with the REFEREE tool

Referee is an online decision-support tool for energy efficiency measures. The regional and local tool calculates energy and non-energy impacts of energy
efficiency measures at municipal level based on users’ input data about the municipality (climatic area, income, population, public budget, energy

Everyone can use the Referee tool: no specific sofware or modelling skills are required. Simply enter the policy measures that you are interested in and click on ‘Run’. You will get an overview of the most relevant indicators and will also be able to download a comprehensive in-depth report (excel file) for further analysis.


Click on the green button to run your own policy simulation for regional and local energy efficiency measures.

Instruction manual

Want to simulate policies at higher government levels? We got you covered. Click here to use our dedicated European and national tool!

Watch the video tutorial

Want to know more?

Click here to find out more about the stock, future technology transformation and macro-econometric models that the Referee tool uses.

Click here to get an overview of the policy targets in place in the EU and at Member State level.

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